Friday, June 24, 2011

33 addresses for same person

Oh the innovative mind of the average drug seeker. If they put half the effort they put into getting narcotics into actually working or doing something with their life, they would be very successful and rich.

Witness: Drug seeker presents. Doctor looks drug seeker up on state prescription narcotic tracking system. Doctor sees that drug seekee has scored 33 prescriptions in last couple of months using different addresses. The thing is they use their name every time. 10 demerits for that.

I think the person who came up with the idea of doing this tracking deserves a monument on the capital mall. It is truly the best thing that has ever happened to ER medicine.


Miss B. Havior said...

Not in Florida, hunney!
Our garbage, medicare fraudin' head of state, rick "the oxy" scott, refused to institute a state data base. yep, all those pill mills in lauderdale, are making too much cash and of course, business is king.

rnraquel said...

I know. Florida desperately needs one too.

Rachedy said...

Troll tracker, baby!

Hiram said...

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