Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I joined the circus

It was one of those days where the beds were full when you got there and there were always 8 or 9 people in triage and even though it was a beautiful day outside everybody and their brother from near and far decided to grace our doorstep with their sad tales of woe and were breaking hips and having headaches and vomiting and having chest pain and the charge nurse was trolling the halls looking for potential hall bed candidates and bugging the nurses to call report and the nurses upstairs were as usual "at lunch" and would call back in ten minutes and then never called back and meanwhile bed 15 is vomiting and bed 22 is having a bad reaction to a medication that you gave her that is making her anxious and shaky and that woman in 17 is telling you stuff about her life that you really don't want to know because it is weird and scary and another patient is incontinent of stool says their relative and they need help and so and so wants you to start an IV for them and lab is on line 2 and pharmacy is on line 3 and why do you seem so irritable and its 130 pm and you haven't had a break and your blood sugar is low and your bladder is full and if one more person asks you what is taking so long you are going to scream and its finally over and this nurse is tired and needs to rest so that she can have one day off and then start the whole circus over again.


rnraquel said...

Why is the nurse upstairs ALWAYS "at lunch"?

Mark p.s.2 said...

If you want it, I nominate you for the Sunshine (blogging) Award! (check my psychsurvivor2.wordpress blog for details)

Emilytwld said...

Why is the nurse upstairs ALWAYS "at lunch"?