Tuesday, June 07, 2011

triage facts and figures

- Highest number of people waiting in the lobby to get in today: 22
- Highest number of people in line at the triage window at one time: 10
- Highest number of people in the ER at one time today: 52
- Longest length of time someone waited: 3 hours
- Most members of one family triaged today: 3
- Longest time someone had a symptom they were being seen for: 2 years
- Shortest time someone had a symptom they were being seen for: 1/2 hour - - Percentage of people who didn't really need to be there: 90%
- Dumbest reason to come to the ER: "I want to be seen for an std, I have no symptoms but something doesn't feel right"
- Smartest reason to come to ER today: severe chest pain for 3 days
- Amount of time left in the shift when I got dinner: 1 hour
- Amount of times I felt like running screaming from the ER while working in triage: 12 - at least twice an hour


binkRN said...

Oy, I feel your pain! I had the 2yr complaint come through this weekend, too. Really? You think the ER has a magic wand or something? On the weekend?

rnraquel said...

You guys are good if 3 hours was your longest wait time.
And yeah, I feel your pain with the 2 yr old complaint too. They always seem to show up when you are either really starving, desperately have to go to the bathroom or both.