Thursday, October 20, 2011

harriet the hoverer

This will offend some people. Oh well...

Sometimes I wish that family members were not allowed in the ER at all. They can be a real pain in the ass. The minute I walk in the room I can tell whether you will be a PITA. First clue: you try to talk for the patient. That is such a condescending move. It shows that you don't respect your loved ones ability to speak for themselves. I get that you may have more information but please wait until I have talked to the patient before you butt in. Otherwise I will have to tell you to stop talking and let the patient talk. I really don't care if you don't like it.

Then there are the HOVERERS, the bain of the ER nurses existence. Sometimes I think if you could be on my shoulders while I start an IV or give a med, you would be there. I really do know what I am doing and I have the best interests of your loved one at heart. Let me do my job please without feeling your breath on my neck.

HOVERERS are the kind of people who instead of putting on the call light will come out to the desk every fifteen minutes to find me to ask something. We give you the call light for a reason.

Now I can hear some of you with ill loved ones getting mad at me for talking about this. After all, you tell yourself, I am just looking out for my relative. OK, I get that...but talking for the patient, hovering over the nurse is not looking out for the patient. It is weird and kind of neurotic. If you speak for the patient, hover excessively, we are gonna let the next nurse know. Warn them about you. You might think thats wrong, but I've got news, nurses talk to each other about this kind of stuff.

Back off. Let us do our jobs. We really do them well.


Anonymous said...

If only you all did your jobs well. But you don't. Some of you - probably many of you do - and you just might be one of them. But there are an incredible number of mistakes made in hospitals, pretty much everyone admits that.
So we come to the ER - are you one of the good ones? Are you one of the careless ones? I don't know - I don't know you yet.
So yep, I hover. You bet. And I don't really care if you like it.
Once we get to know each other, I generally get along with most nurses. As as I get to know them, and trust them more, I "hover" less. Until then, the safety of my friend or family comes above the nurses ego.
Now, no, I don't get in the way of procedures etc. - that would be ridiculous. Double checking meds and stuff - oh yeah. I've caught a few things, and generally been thanked by the nurses. The good ones anyway.
In defense of nurses/doctors, and medical mistakes - a lot of things go on in a day. Some mistakes are inevitable. Another set of eyes watching things (if that person isn't obnoxious) should be an extra resource, not an enemy imo.

Stephanie said...

Really, anon? Passive/aggressive much? GO AWAY.

Anonymous said...

Passive aggressive? Guess you don't know what the term actually means.
It's a blog open to comments. You don't like them - don't read them. If you're the blog owner - close it to comments if you want.

Stephanie said...


Anonymous said...

How mature.

Scott said...

No really....fuck you. You are underfoot. Your help is never needed. Your expertise is nonexistent. Sit down, smile, say "thank you" and then go on about your business, I'll go on with mine.