Wednesday, October 05, 2011

now my back is wack

Dear families of potential ER patients:

This is a request by your local ER staff to call 911 when it is appropriate. If you have to carry Dad out to the car, thats a sign that you should call 911. Here's the thing: getting Dad out of the car is not easy for us. This is how ER staff get injured. Also, if you put Dad in the car don't put him in the 3rd seat in the minivan so we have to crawl all the way in to get him out.

A special note to the wives of potential ER patients: Men are notorious for ignoring symptoms and not wanting to go to the doctor, let alone to the ER. If your husband is having chest pain, severe shortness of breath, signs of a stroke, just call 911. If he gets mad, don't worry about it.

Today several of us had to crawl into a van to get someone out and now my back hurts.


your hospital ER staff

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GrumpyRN said...

How come people can get their friends, relatives, random strangers into their cars but suddenly when they fetch up at our door the are unable to get them out?