Monday, October 10, 2011

there was joy throughout ERland

Having been in the ER for 59 years, I have always wondered why there are some days that bring in hoardes of people. Like today for example. There has to be some kind of rational scientific explanation involving atmospheric changes or something that brings everybody out at once. Someone work on that alright?

Anyway...I would like to propose a new national holiday that would only apply to ERs. It would be called the "national ER chronic pain patient free holiday". One day a year, all ERs could have this one day in which they wouldn't have to take care of any of the following patients and their complaints:




low back pain

neck pain

chronic abdominal pain


any weird syndromes

carpal tunnel

knee pain

Joy would ring throughout ER land. Angels would be singing. Nurses would be dancing. Everyone would want to work that day. The day no one did a crappie flop on the floor, threatened to call their lawyer, had to be put out by security...oh happy day....


rnraquel said...

Can that day please coincide with "no constipation" day?

Anonymous said...

"Having been in the ER for 59 years, I have always wondered why..."

You've been working in the ER for 59 years???? So which is it, did you start when you were 3 or are you still working at age 77?

Wow, hope you pay better attention to your charting and dosing than you do your blogging.

girlvet said...

It was a JOKE my dear, a JOKE...geez

JA-RN said...

I used to tell younger co-workers that I graduated with Florence-would Anonymous believe that too?!!

Meghan said...

ah wouldn't it be nice if one day every single one of my patients had a real diagnosis. Bam, you have an appy, off to the OR. Bam, you're having a STEMI, off to the cath lab. Bam, you have gall stones, you can go home but call this surgeon tomorrow. Even, Bam, you have strep throat, here are some abx. All straight forward, and uncomplicated, and something I can actually help.

Anonymous said...

Oh, a joke, ahhhh, I see, ha-ha. Wow, not funny. Perhaps 95 years would be a joke - 59 just seems like a mistake. Perhaps it's me. I still have to wonder if you are not 59 years old and just transposed. Anyhow, moving on...

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice if there weren't nurses like you to give Nurses like me a reputation of "Nurse Ratchet!" God forbid you ever have a Chronic disease or a sudden onset of pain that you, the almighty, couldn't figure out by just one look! You must be burned out? Guess what.... Those are the patients you will have to deal with.... The ones you can't stand and are so judgmental upon.... So you can either 1. Continue to do you ER job and spread your negativity so all the new nurses think your behavior is ok and the way to act! 2. Go into research you you don't have to deal with people very much or 3. Find a new career! I would pick #3, but I doubt you will because then what would you complain about!

Anonymous said...

It is really sad to see such judgemental people "sizing you up" when you walk into an ER when they are supposed to be there to help you and be a professional. I know you get your full of shitty problems to deal with, but some people with chronic illnesses, migraines or such, have nowhere else to go when there doctor's office is closed. I myself suffer from excrutiating migraines and yes, I have medication I take, but it doesn't always work. I also have an auto immune disease and have to go into an infusion center every 4 weeks. Just because I take pain killers which are prescibed by doctor, doesn't mean if I come to the ER, which is a LAST resort for me, that I am seeking them. There are genuinely good people who have migraines and chronic pain and illnesses that need to go to the ER who would like to be treated with respect and NOT like a crack addict off the street. This nurses blog really PISSES me off!!!!