Monday, October 31, 2011

nursing is such bullshit

Top ten reasons why nursing is such complete bullshit:

1) In what other job are you expected be okay with being verbally abused?

2) In what other job, is the leadership so bad?

3) In what other job are you expected to go hours without a break and be okay with it?

4) In what other job are you asked to give dope to a junkie?

5) In what other job are you supposed to try and understand and empathize with someone who is threatening you?

6) In what other job do you get 2 dollars more an hour to be in charge of a place where peoples lives can be on the line?

7) In what other job are you physically, emotionally, mentally exhausted at the end of most days?

8) In what other job could you get a life threatening disease but are given no raise for a year?

9) In what other job are you exposed to junkies, criminals, sex offenders, psychotics, neurotics on a daily basis but you only hear from the management what you do forgot to chart some piece of bullshit?

10) In what other job do the mediocre advance to leadership positions? (see 2)

And that my friends is why nursing is such complete bullshit. The end.


your friend
after a Monday 12 hour shift


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Nurses should be paid what professional athletes are getting. As much as the well-known jocks, too.

Nurses have saved me three times in the ED and I am still here due to your diligence, dedication, intelligence and that uncanny Sixth Sense that you all have in spades.

Thank you for studying hard, not having to pee for eight or ten hours at a time and being able to work without having eaten in double digit hours, too.

Nurse K said...

I put security in charge of most of the BS nowadays. My tagline: "Here are the restraints (hand security the bag), let me know when he's ready for the B-52." Gone are the days where I held anyone's leg and tried to apply restraints or any of that crap.

Security are actually the shittiest paid people in the hospital relative to what they do. Those guys get assaulted all the time and make about $13/hr!

girlvet said...

Linda Can we be BFFs?

Anonymous said...

come ride along with a Paramedic crew for a week.....

ERP said...

But what other job would you get to work with dashing MD's like myself?!?!?

I understand your pain - the way to get around this is to be lazy, which is what a bunch of my nurses do.

Adrienne said...

It seems like teaching could qualify for at least 4-5 of these items...
Hug it out Madness. We hear ya!

running nurse said...

LOL. This post is pure Un-adulterated madness! I love it. So true. So true...

Anonymous said...

unfortunatley pharmacy sounds like virtually the same list.

pineapple rn said...

1, 2, 3, 5, 6,& 10: Flight Attendant. (That was my 1st career.)

Green Bear said...

every word, so true!

SomebodyThatYouUsetaKnow said...

I listed 17 other jobs and the bots digested and excreted my input, but TL:DR: Get Over Yourself, as smart as you make yourself out to be, do a bit of research on "Job stress, risk of death, an suicide" . OMG I forgot Taxi/Uber driver, celebrity and realtor on that list. Related to the latter, how many "bait and rapes" does a RN honestly daily run the risk of?