Saturday, October 29, 2011

madness: personification of evil

Dere is people out dere who be thinkin' dat madness is a cynic, a real bitch. I don' give dose drug seekers the benefit of the doubt and all dat. I am a hard, burned out old witch of a nurse....that goes without sayin', but in my defense...I have been in the ER for many a year. My job is similar to a cops, only I have to keep my mouth shut. The cop can tell your sorry ass to shut the f--- up, I can't. I could but I would lose my job. Need the job, so don't. Cops have guns, madness don'. But we do deal with all the same people. From one end of the spectrum to another.

So excuse me if I have developed jus' a little bit of suspicion, caution, you gotta prove you ain' oneadose drug seekin' idiots attitude. I, along with many of my nurse pals, have been burned. Big.

What folks don' understand about drug seekers is that they are ADDICTS. They will do anything to get the fix. They will lie, fake, tell whoppin' stories...they are really pretty dangerous people. I have seen them get out of control when they don't get what they want. Suddenly that back pain is out the window and they are fightin' security on the floor.

I have seen drug seekers tell MAJOR stories that we all believed. What they are willing to do for the fix would floor you. So check your attitude about me not carin', giving the benefit of the doubt, etc. I have big time intuition about people. I can spot a faker at 50 paces with 99.9% accuracy. Whether you like it or not.

They waste my time, your money. (yeah, dats right mr/mrs taxpayer your money - you don't think THEY are payin' do ya?)Picture this scenario: your mom is having a heart attack and you bring her to us. I can't help her right away because I am down the hall dealing with the out of control drug seeker....thats my job in a nutshell.


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Hate liars, cheats, thieves and the horses they ride in on. I hear you in spades and hope that you and your ilk are working that ER when my emergency happens.

Anonymous said...

Don't give the fakeurs an inch, but do be careful. I remember asking for a refill on my percocet after my c/s (only time I have ever taken the stuff) and getting glared at and questioned like I had suddenly turned into a gang-banging convenience store robber. Not fun.

Anonymous said...