Monday, November 12, 2012

this is war dammit

This is war, people.  Stand back while we fight the almighty bed bug.

Hey I get it...the danger of spreading bed bugs throughout the land and throughout the one likes the little critters.  But what I saw today makes me think that we have gone off the deep end.

First  of all, apparently there is a 15 page explanation of the hospital bed bug policy, which is very complex and intricate in a binder.  Who knew? 

Whats funny is that apparently we are now supposed to wear a disposible paper jumpsuit.  Yes, I said jumpsuit, a la Elvis or some shit. I mean that is how serious this has all become.  Here's the thing because the paper "jumpsuit" could not be found, someone brought hazmat disposable suits to wear. 
So registration goes in wearing a hazmat suit with hood up over their head.  They also had a mask on due to droplet precautions. I tell ya, what we go through to get insurance information these days.

So there is registration making their way into the room for those signatures.  Following them  lab, with same get up and hood and mask.  They look like they are entering some chemically contaminated scene.  It was bizarre to say the least.

I wish I had a camera..


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

.Bedbugs = anthrax now--for crying out loud.

jimbo26 said...

Ah , there is money in the kitty , and rather than spend it on something usefull , it's spent on something useless .

Anonymous said...

hahahahaaha! Given the choice, I think I'd probably dress like that every day. Please post an update when the customer satisfaction survey comes in. :-D

Ally said...

What?! I was under the impression that while bed bugs CAN travel on your clothes or whatever, generally they prefer to just bite you and then go back to chillin in the mattress. It's not like they're parasites that stay attached to you for awhile, like ticks or scabies or something. Am I wrong??

Anonymous said...

Why are they using droplet precautions????? Are the bedbugs spiting on them?

girlvet said...

this person also had the flu