Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the day Joe died

Welcome to the wonderful world of drug abuse. Average intellectual requirement: that of a gnat.

One day a gnat surfing the internet, talking to the other gnats, hears about a new dope that will blow your mind, bend you into a pretzel, "you gotta try this man....." Somehow the gnat comes up with the scratch to order it on the internet from China or Vietnam or someplace. Once he gets it, he thinks to himself: hey I think I'll have a party and invite some of my other gnat pals.

So the day arrives and here come his gnat pals. A course his buds are down with the dope, in fact they can't wait to try it. They snort it. Some mix it with their Jack. We got us a Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds situation on our hands. Damnnnn this shit is great! shouts one of the gnats. Hey wait a minute whats wrong with Matt? He don' look so good. Shit he's having a seizure! MATT! Are you okay man!? Shit i'm outta here! Matt ain't the only one having problems, Sheila and Joe don't look too good either...One of the gnats calls 911. EMS and the cops get their and Matt is taken to the ER. He dies in the hospital. Sheila and Joe are in critical condition. The police round up the other gnats and they go to the ER too. In all eleven people go to the hospital.

The gnat who bought the shit? He's in jail with various charges, no doubt one of which will be negligent homicide at the very least. The other gnats will survive. They will be alive to mourn the death of their friend Joe, who by the way, had a son. The drug: 2CE. This happened in the last couple of weeks where I live.


agsdghwe said...
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iluvangel13 said...

There is a reference to this incident on the 2CE wiki page (and that leads to other links if one is so inclined, if you know what I mean). FYI.

Miss B. Havior said...

Sounds like angel trumpet season in Florida.

Dewi's blog said...

let's make it healthy is a lifestyle

ERP said...

Shit, doesn't anyone just schroom anymore?

Kipper said...

ERP, aren't shrooms Schedule I? Back when I knew people taking 2CB 10-15 years ago, the legality was part of the draw.