Tuesday, March 15, 2011

don't hire smokers

I never have smoked. I really can't stand smoking or smokers really. It is all gross. I don't want to have to deal with breathing in your cigarette smoke. Honestly I think smokers are losers.

So now a Michigan hospital has decided not to hire smokers. Yeah for them. Smokers stink even if they smoke outside, they carry it inside with them. They stand outside the hospital looking like fools in below zero weather. Makes the hospital look bad. They take a lot of breaks. I have lost two coworkers to cancer in the last few years. Both were heavy smokers.

Two things irritate me about smokers. Now that they have been banned inside buildings, they stand outside, and you have to walk through a cloud of smoke to exit buildings. If you want to sit outside and eat at a restaurant, they take up the tables and make everybody miserable. I'm tired of looking at groups of these losers standing outside buildings.
Lets face it, if you are a smoker, you are becoming a leper. Smokers are addicts like any other addict. The difference is they are legal addicts. THey should have no rights. Their habit affects others. Secondary smoke kills other people. They should be viewed no differently than a crack or heroin addict.


Braden said...

Amen! Especially the part about not being able to eat on restaurant patios anymore.

ButtercupRN said...

I so agree!
Love Gomer the dog too :)

Nurse K said...

When I was hiring people to work in the ER, we'd let them spend 3-4 hours shadowing in the department to see if they liked it. Oops, you went outside twice for a smoke break? Not hired!

Hate the multi-break smokers.

Sassy said...

Amen! I'm asthmatic and even the smell of smoke gets to me. I actually took some advice from Happy (just this once!) and started wearing a mask into rooms filled with smokey-smelling family members whenever I can. They give me funny looks, but they give me even funnier looks when I get all wheezy and start coughing all over the patient.

EDNurseasauras said...

You said it!

ERP said...

Our Hospital recently banned smoking anywhere on the grounds. Now they all schleo out to their cars or across the street to a vacant lot. Ahem!

Jane said...

When I worked downtown, I would see the smokers huddled miserably outside the door including a senior partner, who, if you caught his eye, would smile sheepishly as to say "you caught me." They definitely looked like heroin addicts. Which is all to say that they pretty much are stigmatized like the drug addicts they are.