Tuesday, March 29, 2011

spring in the hood

I saw 5 eagles soaring together round and round over the mississippi river today. I am going to take that as a good omen and signal that winter really is coming to an end.

Meanwhile back to the hood, where the hood rats are out in full force shooting at each other. Its like a rite of spring. Four shootings in the last couple of days. Two ended up in our ER, one died. Somebodys child, perhaps somebodys parent. Somehow the one who didn't die, but was shot, managed to drive the two of them in by car from about 6 blocks away. We lock down the ER in this situation, not knowing its gangbangers or if they are coming to the hospital for revenge. I have the feeling its gonna be a long summer

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Nurse K said...

I like the photo. Overkill on the police tape so bad that the cop can't even get through the matrix.