Monday, March 14, 2011

the "standardization" of the CORPORATE "system"

I have been working at my hospital for a lot (LOT) of years. When I started back in the stone age, the hospital was a single hospital on its own. As years progressed it affiliated with other hospitals and went through a lot of name transformations. Soon it became a CORPORATION. It began operating like a CORPORATION.

Now I feel like I am a factory worker and the patients are widgets. In the last few years there has been a lot of "standardization" across the "system". What does that mean? It means that they want all the hospitals to be using the same products, doing the same things in the same way.

What brought these thoughts on you ask? I recently read a memo in which the CORPORATION has instituted in one hospital, with plans to "standardize" it across the "system", a uniform policy. All staff will have to wear a standard uniform. What's next a standard haircut? A standard hair color? Perhaps we should all parrot the same lines. Perhaps they could just clone us...

What is being lost in this CORPORATE environment of "standardization" and "systems" is the human element in medicine. Employees are human, patients are human. They really can't be "standardized" into a CORPORATE "system". Apparently administrators are "standardized" non humans who are thrive in a CORPORATE "system". How long til I retire?


rnraquel said...

My hospital became part of a larger system about a year ago. We have gone to standard uniform colors as well. All RN's wear royal blue, RT's wear beige, etc.
I really don't think it helps the patients know who is who, which was the stated purpose of the change. I would think the huge RN on the badge is more helpful.

binkRN said...

Standardization is not helpful, and I totally feel your pain. As one place that sends to you, I know what is good for us is not good for you and that the opposite is true as well.

If they want to standardize uniforms, then I think they should furnish and launder them.