Friday, March 25, 2011


UNCLE. Okay? UNNNNNNNCCCCLLLLLLLEEEEE!!!! I have been defeated. By this winter. I can't take it anymore. A few days ago the snow was melting, heading toward being gone. Then we had another annoying few inches which due to the cold temperatures remains on the ground. It has again covered everything. I am waving the white flag. Surrendering as it were. Okay winter you have defeated me. I give up.

I have lived here all of my oh so many years and this year did me in. It has gone on forever and I don't think its ever going to end. It may be permanent. It has made up for the last few winters that have been mild and had us saying hey maybe our winters are changing.

So I will be under the covers, feeling sorry for myself, and I won't come out until its all gone and I see tulips..

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