Friday, March 18, 2011

twas a dark and stormy night...

This really isn't funny, and yet it is. Out at the triage desk are business cards and one set is one for our manager. So a not normal (!) person comes in and goes to a room that, shall we say, is not set up for normal (!) people. In other words, its a bed, a chair and not much else..

So said person is unhappy with the whole ER experience and the fact that alas, the ER staff does not have time to sit and listen at length to their tale of woe. Said person requests the complaint department. Well, as we all know, the complaint department has bankers hours. So said unhappy, woeful person is given the managers card.

So said person, clever and devious person that they are, notes the managers beeper number on the crisp, white card and proceeds to page the manager on with their cell phone. Did I mention it is 1:00 AM and manager is fast asleep no doubt dreaming up ways to make the staffs lives miserable (hahaha). Oh but manager, being the upstanding executive that they are, calls back and talks to unhappy, woeful ER patient. Reassures them, does that manager thing they do...everybodys happy right? Oh you foolish foolish reader...

Unhappy, woeful ER patient proceeds to call manager 3 other times during the night. And yes, upstanding managers call back to listen to unhappy, woeful ER patient every time. Now why the ER staff did not take unhappy, woeful patients cell phone, I don't know (some kind of bizarre payback...). Why the manager didn't ignore other calls I don't know. Now manager really isn't a bad person. I actually like them. I think they have the best interests of the ER and its staff at heart. Even manager does not have to go this far to please unhappy, woeful ER patient. The end

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