Tuesday, March 08, 2011

the doctor won't see you now

I was reading over on another of my favorite blogs: you can't fix stupid, about wait times in the ER and triage and such. In it she talks about one of my pet peeves: doctor signs up for patient to make the door to doc time look good, but doesn't see the doctor for an hour and a half. It is just another example of the bullshit that goes on in medicine. Who is in the middle of this exercise in stupidity, 3 guesses, me. Patient wonders where the hell doc is and I have lie about why they aren't seeing them.

She mentions that the scribes (doctor gofer and charter) sometimes sign the docs up when the patients are still in triage. Please God don't let our docs think of this...We already have one energizer bunny doc who sometimes comes out to triage to try and get the patients. Or he is standing in the doorway when we go to put the patient in the room. You might think that this is the doc being efficient, etc. but its about one thing: M-O-N-E-Y. The more patients they see the more money they make.

This what medicine has become folks. There is more emphasis on statistics and documentation than there is on patient care. If you are good at filling in boxes and blanks, you will go far.


Andrew said...
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Drewski said...

hey madness i just got hired at your hospital... do you like it there? i'll be at the new childrens as a tech

midwest woman said...

YOu can document you were in the room or actually be in the room. You can't do both.
Actually I'm seeing a dangerous trend where people are making up times they were in the room to satisfy the clipboards. It's not that they weren't rounding on their patients they just didn't have time to stop and document it on the computer at the time.
Our wireless comptuers constantly go down due to a bad battery system. People race from room to room to plug it in before it dies and they have to reboot it.
For 6 weeks they've been saying they'll fix it.
Hahahahah...joke's on you.
Meanwhilte they want more and more computer documentation,
It;s crazy.

rnraquel said...

This is one of the reasons I left the ER.

rnraquel said...
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Phil said...

Documentation is needed to get money from the Government. It's the government that's demanding the docuemntation and they have become the hospital's #1 customer because that's wehre the money comes from. Patient care and comfort is being sqeezed out of the equation.