Wednesday, August 24, 2011

bearded lady visits ER

This is the kind of week it has been:

One of my female patients actually had a beard. It wasn't really a beard, more long hair on the chin. I am not just talking a couple of hairs...there was enough there to form a chin beard.

Another guy had on shorts so short that it looked like he had nothing on under his teeshirt. Now we get some chicks like this, but men?

A gang banger who was high and had been drinking and was in a fight, wanted me to hold his hand and I said no. According to our management that probably makes me a bad be it.

Then there was out of town peed pants person with the mommy calling from another state (see previous post).

I may not have seemed "engaged" in patient care. I may have been "rude or short" this week. So sue me...

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hoodnurse said...

You mean the guy in short shorts didn't make you grin from ear to ear? I mean, was he not in good shape or...