Thursday, August 18, 2011

like a bat out a hell

A bat would have to bite my entire nose off to put myself through rabies shots. Seriously. I have spoke about this before, people who come in for rabies shots because there was a bat flying around their house. They did not get bitten, just had the bat flying around. I have even seen them bring in their children to go through all of this shit.

Why does everybody think a bat bites them while they are asleep? Honestly, do bats have this big need to bite humans with their tiny little bat teeth? You would think so with all the paranoia about bats. I mean wouldn't a rabid bat be acting like rabid bats would act?

So when you don't have a wound/bite, we have nothing to infiltrate. By infiltrate I mean we take about 10-12 ccs of liquid and inject it around your wound. Its a lot of fun for everyone involved. So if you don't have the wound, we dived that 12 ccs of fluid into 4 shots of about 3 ccs each. Then we also give you the rabies vaccine. If you need a tetanus we give you that. SO that is a total of 6 injections because a bat was flying around your room. Hey, it that makes you feel better, whatever....


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Crazy f*&#s, what is that about ?~! Bats would rather not be around us at all, never mind eat us for dinner, for crying out loud. Get a real life, peeps.

Craig said...

Unfortunately with bats it's not so easy. Bat teeth are so small, you can't see them in some cases. There have been documented fatalities in people with no identified bites, but with bats ithe house. Now if itA in the house, yeah I can see getting the shot, but just flying around in the yard. No. Just check the CDC site for the case studies.

The HipCrip said...

~rolling my eyes at Craig's alarmist reply~ Bats are responsible for ONE human death in the US each year. Merely spotting a bat in your home is no reason to flip out and go through the treatment for rabies, especially since bats infected with rabies are the least likely to be aggressive. You're at far more risk for serious injury or death from contact with a dog than a bat.

I'm with you, girlvet. It's going to take amputation by bat bite before I submit to the torture you described.

Anonymous said...

Please remember that if you TOUCH a bat you are at risk!

Bats, like cats, groom themselves. Thus they're possibly contaminated saliva is also on their hair and skin.

A bite is NOT necessary.

ASK about ANY contact.

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hoodnurse said...

I wonder what the odds are of suffering a deadly bat bite while you're sleeping and not knowing it versus having a reaction to the shots you got because you saw one flying around your room? Just sayin'.

K2 said...

~Rolling my eyes at hipcrip's eye rolling~ Bats with rabies may be the least likely to be aggressive, I don't know, but they're the most likely to be in your house or doing other weird things that aren't in keeping with their habits. Bats don't normally fly around inside peoples' houses, in your bedroom while you're sleeping. It's quite common for bat bites to be unnoticeable, unremarkable, and unfelt. Rabies is ALWAYS fatal. Any rabies death which could have been prevented by the post-exposure treatment and/or vaccine, is too many. I would pay cash to get that expensive treatment for my kids if I thought it necessary. It's not alarmist to follow the CDC guidelines on this matter.

Briana said...

Maybe we work at the same hospital... but I SWEAR I was thinking the same damn thing last week. We've had not one but FOUR people come in recently who had bats flying around in their house (whoop-dee-do) and wanted the rabies (plus tetanus!) vaccines. For all 4 of them who live in the house.

I pretty much hated all of them. 24 shots. And I had to give them all.

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