Monday, August 22, 2011

the overinvolved mother

You are on your way somewhere and you have a layover. You get on the 2nd plane and faint. A shame and a bummer for everyone concerned. 911 is called and you are brought to the emergency room. You are in your late 30's with a family.

Well it seems when you fainted you had a little accident. You peed your pants. Bummer. Unfortunately your luggage is on its way to your destination. Hey its embarassing, although I don't think anybody would have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out.

So naturally you called your family. They are concerned of course. The thing is I get a call from your mother. She is very concerned about the state of your pants, being peed on and all. She wonders if there is a cleaners that we could send them to while you are in the ER. She is willing to pay for it. maam, there is no cleaners in the hospital and we are a ghetto hospital and there is no one hour cleaning service around here. Espescially on a weekend. I tell her we can probably give her "child" a pair of scrubs or something. End of conversation.

You are discharged, wearing said pants. I have a feeling, grown person that you are, that somehow you will manage the situation. You seem capable. Mom can rest easy.


Samme said...

Hehe, entirely different thing, but it reminds me of the time I was in the children's hospital with my little one overnight after her surgery. I wore sweatpants to stay overnight with her intending to sleep in them.

Well, the diaper the nurse put on the baby was crooked and she peed all over my sweats. I asked for some scrubs and wore those till hubs could bring me fresh pants in the morning. Certainly not a tragedyworthy of calling my mom over.

healthmatters said...

lols... but that's ok.. since it's an accident. it is more shameful if you intentionally peed your pants :D.. one thing more, mom's are always resourceful..

girlvet said...

healthmatters - true never stop being a mom.