Sunday, August 21, 2011

Larry in the sky with diamonds

Back in the 1960's certain kinds of mushrooms became popular because of their ability to cause hallucinations. Apparently some people thought that was fun so they ate mushrooms and freaked out and said and did dumb stuff. A few even jumped out windows because they thought they could fly. They couldn't. That was a real bummer for all concerned.

With the rise of the internet, these darn rascal young experimenters have a new place to get drugs, no questions asked. They come from other countries. One of the things that has become available are mushroom spores. They are intended to help you grow your own mushrooms (oh what fun) to use as dope. Kind of like a science experiment in your room.

So one of the ways that these mushroom spores come is in a big syringe of say 10 ccs. They are mixed with water. Apparently they come with a needle attached. Do you see what's coming next? Can you guess? Yup. There have been fools who decide to shoot themselves up with this shit. They shoot themselves up with a fungus, a very unbright thing to do. As humans we really should try to avoid fungus.

Well, the outcome was, of course, not good. They got infections in places that are not good places to get infections. They got them in areas, that if you mess them up, will most certainly cause your demise. They eventually died. A bummer for all concerned. Moral of the story: stay away from fungus.

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Anonymous said...

Encephilitis is such a bad trip man...