Thursday, August 04, 2011

I'm scared. Are you scared?

I'm going off topic today. I can't keep my mouth shut about all of this any longer. I'm worried. I am worried about the country.

I have a good job. The chances of me being laid off are pretty low, although with the way things are going who knows? It doesn't stop me from worrying about the economy. Today the stock market is way down. The unemployment rate remains the same. Things are not looking good. There is talk of a worsening, or second, recession. If that happens many more people will lose their jobs. More businesses will close.

In the midst of this our government is paralyzed. Paralyzed by politics. We all saw the debt ceiling fiasco. To say that I am angry with politicians is to vastly understate it. I think those feelings are shared by many. I can't ever remember feeling that our government is just worthless to us.

I get the worry about the government spending too much money. No doubt it does. I'm not sure now is the right time to restructure things like medicare and social security. Why do we never talk about cutting all the aid we give to countries around the world? We need to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Period. End of conversation. Doing that would probably give us a surplus.

We need a jobs program. Now I know a lot of people will be against this. The government spending more money and all that. But people working stimulates the economy and they pay taxes. I honestly don't see any other way out of this. Raise my taxes if thats what it takes to put people back to work. In the long run it will benefit me.

Will this jobs program happen? No. Not in the current political climate. Perhaps it is time to take a lesson from the 1960's and start organizing marches and demonstrations in Washington. Maybe thats the only way these idiots will listen and do whats necessary.

What do you think?


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

I think it is time to march on Washington and start tossing these assholes out on their ears, take away their lifetime benefits and make them do like the rest of us do when times get hard. these jerks are paying more for their ties than they give a woman with kids who needs some assistance.

girlvet said...

I've come to the conclusion that no matter who we vote for it will remain the same. Who decided that senators and congressman get lifetime benefits and a pension? Why they did of course. I don't want my money going to these idiots for a lifetime.

Meghan said...

It just makes me sick that it's all about politics and special interests. I wish we could just get rid of the parties all together- they create a us against them mentality that needs to go. Then maybe politicians could just work together for the good of the country instead of the "democratic" or "republican" agendas.

Nurse K said...

What do you mean by "jobs programs?" Like make up stuff for people to do like they did in East Germany? If there is an economy for a job, a job will be created. The way the govt "creates" jobs is to make it easier to start a company, ie. lowering business taxes and making it easier to take out loans/grants/lines of credit. Raising taxes to make up stuff for people to do is just silly.

People need to be more flexible and look all over the entire country for an appropriate job. I have a friend going to New Orleans to do trucking. Another one went to Texas to be an underwriter. People need to not be tied to a certain area...

girlvet said...

My dear K,

Some people don't have the flexibility to move just anywhere. As far as taxes, they are lower than they have been for business for some time. It hasn't made a difference. Businesses are sitting on their money right now because of fear of the future of the economy and I don't see that changing.

Yes I do mean a government jobs program. It has been done in the past and it has been used to improve the country. Perhaps incentives for businesses to hire in the form of tax write offs. I don't know. Something has go to be done.

Interesting that you would bring up a former communist country...he he he

Yours truly,

that radical Girlvet

ButtercupRN said...

I'm worried too. There are few jobs or money. I also saw on the news that we are supposed to "spend" our way out of the upcoming recession. After I stopped laughing I realized they were serious. They people with money are either sitting on it or shipping it overseas.
I've never been so discouraged about our country or future.

girlvet said...

buttercup - I feel exactly the way you do.

Nurse K said...

Job programs don't help those who don't do construction or other low-level work. There are thousands of students graduating each year with bachelors' degrees going to work at Starbucks or waiting tables or whatever. There's no point in giving everyone mega grants or low interest rates in student loans if no one has a job when they're done.

If you haven't worked for a year, chances are that you have little excuse to go to a high-paying job in another state. I'm sorry if it's more convenient to be on unemployment. :-)

jamjar said...

Don't count on job security! I was a critical care RN for the past 38 years- with excellent annual reviews and frequent merit pay raises- but I was laid of 8/2009 at the age of 60. All RN's aged 59+ were laid off. I still can't find another position, except through a registry. No one wants other workers know.

Dr Killpatient said...

I agree that it seems that even business sectors that are doing well are sitting on their cash reserves and not hiring. Owing to a fear of double dipping or any one of a myriad of things, they are just not taking the plunge to hire more and expand.
Tax breaks to encourage hiring may be helpful. However, I think it is more of a "feel" thing. As long and the news and the Republicans (who are of course going to say things are sucking until they get back into the White House at which time they will say the economy is booming regardless of what it is really doing)keep saying everything is going to Hell in a handbasket, this pervasive feeling that everything is in the toilet is going to prevent businesses from risk hiring and expansion. We need a hopeful attitude adjustment not a Debbie Downer.

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