Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear ER staff....

Dear ER staff:

I'm charge nurse today. For this I make $2.00 more an hour. A whopping $16.00 for an eight hour shift. That's not a whole lot to be in charge of an ER.

It certainly is not worth being yelled at by you Dr ItsAllAboutMe who is pissed that your patient has to wait to go upstairs because of the usual housekeeping/inpatient nurse merry go round. Welcome to my world every day of the week. And Nurse Practicioner WhinyPants, its your problem that you decided to work in an ER where a large portion of your jobs is doing pelvics on the neighborhood hood ratesses. Sorry they all came today, but that is what you signed up for.

You see I'm over here trying to figure out how a patient from a small town ER transferred to our hospital instead of the hospital he was supposed to go to. By the way he is having an MI. I'm answering the fifty calls ranging from pharmacies to patients who were here yesterday to doctors sending patients in. I am trying to calm down that irate patient. I am rearranging patients to accomodate that chest pain in triage. I am making sure that everything is going okay in that stab case.

And might I say that the bitching and complainin' of the nursing and tech staff does not make this job any easier. Hey I can't help you are having a bad day. I wish it wasn't so but there it is.

Excuse me a moment while I go into the bathroom to take a few breaths to avoid running screaming from the building...


your charge nurse


Meghan said...

Yup it totally sucks. Except we get to do it for .50/hr . $6.00 for my whole 12 hr shift. Woo

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Fascinating if sad stuff. A new world to me. Good luck.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Who designs the pay scales in this totally F’ed up system ?~! That .50-2.00 isn’t worth the extra calculations it costs to adjust payroll... or something like that !~! No words this morning for that kind of idiocy. Long live nurses, I love them every one.

Anonymous said...

You actually get paid extra? We get a fat lotta nothin for the headaches of charge nursing. We used to get .50/hour for precepting a new hire, but I'm pretty sure that's gone, too..

Anonymous said...

We don't even get extra $ and still have our own patient assignment to go with it. It really does suck to be in charge!

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