Monday, September 24, 2012

its too much to take in

Bad week in ER #3

You are finally getting used to this parenting thing. The shock has worn off. The baby is smiling and cooing and life is great.

You start having some trouble though. No big deal, off to the doctor you go. The doctor sends you to the hospital for an expensive test just to make sure there is nothing going on. Turns out there is something going on.  And the results aren't good. In an instant your prospects for a future are dimmer.

Your life has now completely changed. It will never be the same. Your childs life will never be the same. How will you get through this? What if you don't get through this? Who will take care of the baby?

Its too much to take in. You are in a daze. Your spouse is in a daze. As you go up to your hospital room, all we can do is say a little prayer for you.

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