Thursday, September 20, 2012

triage before and after

This is me in triage:

before triage:

during triage:

After triage:


Meghan said...

I'm still pretty new at the hospital I'm currently working at, so I haven't been put out at triage yet. So, I spend my whole 12 hours in the same assignment, and I'm having a major internal argument right now! It goes like this- sick of spending 12 hrs in the same assignment (I did charge and triage at my last hospital, so I often changed positions partway through the shift). So anyway, hmmm, maybe I'll ask them to train me in triage.

Nooooo self, you hate triage, don't do it!

But self, I also hate spending 12 hours in the same spot.

Ha, I haven't asked them about triage yet, but I'm close to breaking. Can't decide which is worse :)

Anonymous said...

Those images are funny....but they're not once you think about them, eh?

afransisca said...

Thank you for being a funny mad emergency room nurse. I'm a novice nurse n thank you for sharing your stories :)

AtYourCervix said...

the triage unit on OB is the same way :-)