Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dear Mr. Romney:

TO: Mitt Romney

FROM: Madness the nurse

RE:  care of  uninsured in the emergency room

Dear Mr. Romney:

Regarding your comments on a recent 60 minutes program in which you stated that the 50 million uninsured can get care in the emergency room. You referenced somebody having a heart attack and their ability to call 911 and then be taken to the ER for care.

Mr. Romney, I wonder if you realize that the reason why that uninsured person ends up in the emergency room is because they have untreated heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
All of these things are UNTREATED because this person does not have a regular doctor that  can monitor those problems.  Mr. Romney, why do you think these people don't have a regular doctor? BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE.

This kind of uncompensated care runs up millions and millions of dollars every year in hospitals throughout the country.  Hospital eat the cost.  Meanwhile, reimbursement for medicare/private insurance/medicaid keeps decreasing.  The health care system is headed for collapse.

Surely, someone like you, knows these facts, right?  RIGHT?! Maybe not. No doubt you have what is commonly referred to as "concierge medicine".  This is care for wealthy people like yourself in which you pay lets say 20,000 a year to have a doctor at your beck and call.

I can only conclude you are a CLUELESS BASTARD. 

Affectionately yours,

Madness the nurse


Anonymous said...

Right on, Sistuh!!!

Barb said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

So, using your example, ONLY the uninsured have untreated heart disease and are the ONLY people who present to the ED with problems, you know, because everyone with insurance is absolutely compliant and healthy.

Are you paid by the Obama campaign to post his sophomoric tripe or are you just naturally dense?

girlvet said...

sophomoric tripe?

Your comment doesn't even make sense because there is no point to it.

Actually, you caught me, I am an Obama campaign operative. I am paid thousands of dollars to post favorable posts about Obama. Look for more in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

You are making a lot of assumptions. I think that what Mitt Romney was saying is that we treat emergencies without any questions asked. If you are having the big one (no matter what it is) we will take care of you. Many of these people will pay the hospital bill in whatever way they can. Only the losers, who feel entitled, will neglect to pay.

What ticks me off more is the patient, on medicaid which is taxpayer insurance, goes to Puerto Rico for 4 months, does not take their medication while there. Comes to the ED with a blood pressure not conducive to life as we know it & gets admitted to the ICU. All on my, I mean the taxpayer's, dime. I see this type of situation at least once a shift.

I'd rather pay to take care of a heart attack patient, unless they took too much cocaine. Seems no matter what, the taxpayers suffer.

girlvet said...

sorry but as a human being i think people are entitled to health care

Anonymous said...

WELL SAID...One of the many idiotic things that have come out of this guy's mouth!

Ally said...

Girlvet...if people are entitled to health care, how should we pay for it? There is not enough money in the world to pay for all the care that everyone in the country needs. Seems that the only answer is rationing care in some form or fashion: via insurance, via making people wait longer for procedures or regulating who can get what procedures, etc. Should everyone be entitled to CHF management? What about stents? Bypass surgery? ECMO? You have to draw a line somewhere.

You can't just say "people are entitled to health care" with no ideas of how to actually make that possible.

girlvet said...

I'm for rationing, cruel bastard that I am. Sorry old people.