Friday, September 28, 2012

I been robbed, I say, I been robbed

Here are the top ten things stolen from our emergency room:

1) syringes - before drawers were locked

2) linen - sheets, towels and wash cloths

3) phones off the wall

4) fetal doppler

5) lap top

6) bandaids, bandages

7) box lunches

8) gowns

9) oximeter

10) staff purse

Extra added bonus points:


ornaments off Christmas tree in lobby


Stephanie said...

I think people steal some stuff simply because they can. A patient stole our fetal doppler, too. Unfortunately, (for her) she had given us the correct information (for once) when she was registered; we had her phone number on the face sheet. Charge nurse called her and said, "Bring it back in the next 30 min. and we won't call the cops." Magically the doppler appeared on the front desk. One nurse had her purse stolen, the thief went across the street to the mall and used her credit cards to run up 100's of $ in charges.

Renee Maynes said...

Had a little old lady in a wheelchair steal two full boxes of gloves from a room once. Only noticed because I'd restocked them before she went in and they were gone when I cleaned the room afterwards.

JacquiBee said...

Christening gown...

Ally said...

WTF are you gonna do with a fetal doppler?! Syringes, I understand. Fetal

Anonymous said...

Wow .... some people!

Anonymous said...

The major linen and pillow thieves in our ER were the EMTs. They would say that they left theirs with the patient, so why are they walking off with armloads - especially pillows? On snother note, why are pillows in hospitals in such short supply?

Most unusual theft? There was the time I was driving near the hospital with an anesthesiologist friend of mine and saw someone crossing the street pushing a vent. Really? What was he going to do with a vent? List it on EBAY? We got the police involved and it turned out pretty easy to find him; he couldn't get it into his car! Tricia

Anonymous said...

Hand sanitizer, even when attached to the wall.

Anonymous said...

We've had a heap of local anasthetics stolen. Like 1% xylocaine and such. Now have to keep it locked up.

Anonymous said...

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