Sunday, September 09, 2012

Which ER supplies the softest, most cuddliest and toasty warm blankie?

I'm thinking about starting a new local ER website. As a service to humanity.

On this site would be listings of every ER in the city and the waiting times on their websites. Listed in order of least waiting time to most. Length of typical visit.

In the interest of serving the community, there would be a list of whether the ER has:

1) box or bag lunches and their contents and rotation
2) types of (cold, icy) juice and selection of crackers
3) whether they supply warm, cuddly, toasty blankets.
4) footie availability and color selection
5) whether they have TV (with HDTV cable or DVD availibility)
6) probability of getting a cab voucher or bus token
7) probability of you scoring a script for percocet
8) probability of you taking an ambulance in for a sore throat and getting back to a room versus being put in the lobby
9) comfort of chairs in lobby and presence of TV, fish tank, vending machines (quality of snacks, selection of sodas), play area
10) whether your car can be valet parked on arrival

There would be a comment section in which you could name names about which docs at which ERs were Dr Feelgoods.

Oh the fun that could be had! The comments section could be entertaining in and of itself.

Hey...its a competitive world out there and patient satisfaction is the goal of every single solitary person in the ER, including of course, yours truly, thus the web site...


Nurse K said...

Our ER seriously has sandwiches, fresh-baked cookies, four types of fruit to choose from, carrots, six types of soda, milk, 4-5 types of chips, two types of juices, crackers, tea, coffee, and five types of chips for your personal "a la carte" lunch box experience. Yes, we get to pick and choose.

EDNurseasauras said...

We get a selection of stale saltines, a 3 pack of graham crax, Lorna Doone's that we rarely give to the patients and a vending machine. Oh, and the world's nastiest apple juice (warm) and off-brand cola.

Lunch? The take-out across the street is open until 10 PM.

Anonymous said...

Our policy is that no one in the ER should be eating or drinking before being seen (might need surgery), while being seen (rude) or after being seen (GTFO). So we don't provide food or drinks, except water though there are vending machines in the lobby.
There are exceptions for people we diagnose with low blood sugar, who get stale crackers and warm pepsi.

Anonymous said...

I love reading ER nurse blogs - mostly because I have exactly the same attitude as you and agree with 99.9% of your posts! Anyway, I just don't get people - I've used our local ER a few times, and I have NEVER: asked for food, a blanket, footies, etc. Why on earth would you need these things at the ER?? Eat when you leave, deal with the cold, and why do you not have anything on your feet anyway? OK, I guess if you were brought from home and were in bed or something I can see the footies, but damn - this isn't the Marriott......

Mama Bear said...

As a consumer more than a provider, I can't complain about my last couple visits to the ER (for actual emergencies).

Neither visit did I even consider asking for food, warm blankies, pillows, clothes, taxi rides, or TV. I just wanted the family member taken care of. I did however have the opportunity to see some gold-medal performers come in. My favorite was the polite young lady screaming at the top of her lungs how she "caint breathe" on top of assorted profanities.

I am not even a Dr. and I could tell she was a faker queen who needed to be escorted out post-haste. For some reason she was taken back in a wheel chair after about 15-20 minutes of screaming about her breathing issues at max volume.

I think I have spent about 2 hours in ER in the last 5 years, and both trips had crayzee people. I know it's not a good sample size, but from my perspective it's too much crayzee in one little place.

Anonymous said...

Amen, amen and AMEN!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Re: blankets -- if you're there for a legit emergency that incidentally makes you feel cold, someone's probably figured out that you need one and fetched it already. Getting picky about whether it's toasty fresh from the warmer? You may not actually be sick, though I agree there are few things nicer.

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