Sunday, September 23, 2012

tell Dad to wake up

Bad week in the ER #2

You and your family are living your life. Going along, as families do, working, going to school, having dinner together, la de dah. You all love each other, mom, dad, 2.2 kids, living an ordinary all American life.

Family member develops a symptom, goes to local ER. Family member doesn't do well at local ER, almost dies. Local ER decides to transfer family member to big time fancy smancy ER.

Family member arrives to big time fancy smancy ER, not in good shape. Family member is unstable. They are never stable again. They die. A couple of times, and are brought back, then die again permanently.

Family member is parent. Parent has children, old enough to know whats what. Children arrive and are in a state of shock. This isn't supposed to happen to parent. Son says: "Tell Dad to wake up". We hear you crying. It brings tears to our eyes.

Everyone's life is changed forever. Yesterday everything was OK.

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Anonymous said...

aw man making me cry... evetyday all over the world uh? sucks