Wednesday, January 09, 2013

a bad butt implant

You wouldn't think we would deal with this in the ER - cosmetic surgery - but I have. 

I once had someone who had an infected buttock after getting a butt implant.  Yes apparently this persons butt wasn't big and round enough and they wanted an implant.
Apparently a silicone piece of stuff is placed in there and hopefully it stays where its supposed to.

Once I had someone with a tummy tuck problem.  Another infection.  In this one, fat and skin are removed that have stretched out.  What woman, after having given birth, wouldn't want a firmer stomach?  The thing is most of us aren't willing to go undergo major surgery with anesthesia to do it.

Last but certainly not least, a hair transplant.  It turns out this guy, who came in for another problem, mentioned he was also having trouble with his recent "Barclay".  "Barclay" I asked, what is that?  Apparently that is the name of the company that did it. The guy proceeded to take off his hat.  He had a ring of gray hair, and below that some straight, string brown hair. Hmmmm.....I didn't see any signs of infection and instructed him to put the hat back on... 

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smita sharma said...

What happens if you get very large buttock implants for a small body?