Wednesday, January 23, 2013

deja vu to you

Red flags in the ER:
1) You say you have "chemical sensitivities".
2) You have more than 2 allergies.
3) You have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, some kind of syndrome no one has ever heard of.
3) You bring your MRI or CT with you, usually of your back, stating you can't get into see the doctor for a "couple of weeks".
4) You say you just moved here from out of town.
5) You bring a suitcase with you.
6) You brought something in a bag that you want to show me.
7) You can't tolerate the "pain" of an automatic blood pressure cuff.
8) You're allergic to haldol or thorazine.
9) You are 40 and your mother is accompanying you
10) You say another emergency room "don't know what they're doin'".
11) Your medical problem started in 1930.
12) You say "yes ma'am a lot.
13) Your relative is taking notes.
14) The medics want me to come outside of your room to give me report.
15) You are taking more than 3 psych meds.

Oh BTW let the chronic patient shit storm begin....3....2....1...go!


Anonymous said...

I busted out laughing at this one. Just came across your blog today. You are an excellent storyteller and a really good writer! All best---

Anonymous said...

I have Chronic Fatigue. It can be a real and severe condition for some of us. It's never taken me to the ER though - I can't imagine how it would.

The cause may be unidentifiable, or even psychological, but the symptoms are real, and some can be verified by standard medical tests. Neuro exam, blood tests, and tilt test, and you can see my muscle weakness, syncope, and persistant anemia and vitamin deficiencies that don't respond to supplements.

Fatigue and pain are subjective of course, but they're still realities for me.

It bugs me that so many in the medical professions dismiss all CF sufferers as hypocondriacs. There will inevitably be some, sure, but not all of us.

I also have intolerances for a couple of medications, paticularly some anti-nausea medications, and I'm sensitive to some others, which means I need to be started at a lower than normal dose of new medications to see how I'm going to respond. I'm the patient telling you to use half the standard dose of painkillers.

Anonymous said...

Sadly I have a relative who is almost 10/15 on that list. Most of his issues are a cascade from a mental health issue that has caused substantial damage to his brain and body. This caused chronic pain which led to a narcotic addiction. It also lowered his functional IQ. Every time I read some story about people being a$$holes in an ER I think of him, and wish the doctors and nurses the best of luck in dealing with someone our family can barely manage.

Anonymous said...

HA! Just had a patient tell me another local Hospital discharged her with "a swollen liver and kidneys that don't work" and do you know they did nothing....her doctor told her to go to another area hospital so she could admit her but she came to my hospital because "I think your hospital is better." As she finished her tale I must've had a look (2 years its getting harder not to have a look) She says why do you seem annoyed? And in the same breath can you get me a urinal because I'm too tired to go to the restroom and I don't want to sit on a bed pan. She walked in and is in her 20s! I walked her to the bathroom and her boyfriend tells me people at the hospital always seem annoyed with her. Really! I'm not the only one! Lol

Nurse Lily said...

Omg, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 14 had me ROLLING! Unfortunately they usually pertain to 1 patient, hahahahaha!

Ally said...

HA! This is SO. TRUE.