Wednesday, January 16, 2013

liar, liar pants on fire

Humanity never ceases to amaze me.  There are people who come into the ER on a regular basis and they outright lie about themselves.  I'm not talking about their physical state or drugs or that kind of stuff.  I'm talking about their lives.

They make up stories about their lives. I have actually had a person tell me that they just got back from Washington DC because they were there lobbying for transgender rights. Ah...okay.  This same person tells this ongoing story about they are going to school to be a  rocket scientist (har).   They actually think that we think, knowing that they are the shall we say, low functioning individual that they are, would be going to school for anything.

Then there is the person who says that they have  this prestigious job at a local business. In fact they are so good at their job, that they recently were flown to new York and put up at a fancy hotel in order to compete on a reality show, which by the way they won.  They are expecting a check for $15,000 in the mail any day now.  OK, and I'm the next president.

Maybe they are playing a game with us.  I hope so, because...well I don't wanna think about if they aren't.  We are like sitting ducks in these situations.  We have no choice but to take care of them, despite the bullshit.  I usually just say...oh is that right...hmmmm..

When you work in the ER you realize just how many crazies there are walking around among us.

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Sara said...

Man, some of those patients sound like my ex-husband. If you see a dude with similar stories who also walks like half a duck and has Mommy issues, please Gibbs slap him for me!