Thursday, January 31, 2013

assholes and bullies

There are two kinds of people who come into the ER that I can't stand: assholes and bullies.

Being a nurse, you learn pretty quick that there are people in this world who make an art out of being an asshole. Asshole type #1: Their life is shit and you, the nurse, are going to pay the price for their shitty life. All of that bullshit therapeutic communication they taught you in nursing school isn't going to work with them..

Asshole type #2: This type has an exaggerated sense of their own importance. Everybody is supposed to cater to their every whim. They are more important than the other lowly patients.  If things don't go how they want them to go, look out.

Then there are the bullies. The verbally abusive who sometimes threaten the staff. I have absolutely zero tolerance or patience for these people. Especially those who threaten physical harm.  Ah can you say....SECURITY!

Here's the thing about nurses, assholes and bullies. As a group we put up with them, many times feeling like we have no choice.  True that, they have to get medical care too.  What gets me about a lot of nurses are two things:
1) They feel sorry for people like this.  Oh....they must have had a rough life...
2) They allow themselves to be abused, threatened without doing anything about it.

When I have a asshole patient, sorry folks, I avoid them. I do what I have to do and I don't go in their room unless they put the call light on or do my periodic checks. Now some of you would say, well, why don't you talk to them, maybe they are, sorry.  I do not have time for people like this.  I won't subject myself to it.

With bullies, I do two things:  If someone is verbally abusing me, I tell t em to stop, tell them it is unacceptable, and if they don't, I leave the room and come back later. If they threaten me physically, I call security.  Just like in a domestic abuse situation, I do not deserve to be treated this way.  I won't be. Again I avoid them, doing only what is necessary.

Perhaps some of you think I am being a hardass. Nurses are supposed to care and understand. Bullshit. Nurses are their to provide care and be treated respectfully.  End of story


Anonymous said...

Good for you! There is never a reason to accept abuse. My best example- one day in the ER a female patient asked for a cup of coffee. I told her I would get it when I had time (we were really busy- shock, huh?. As I was returning with the coffee- about 22 minutes after it was requested- I was approached by her husband who PUNCHED ME IN THE NOSE! There were cops in the department who immediately grabbed this guy, cuffed him and arrested him. This guy was amazed that he was arrested and his excuse was that I made his wife wait for "service". I told him I was a RN, not a servant, dealing with life and death and, to my knowledge, no one ever died for lack of coffee. I did file charges by the way for assault.

girlvet said...

good for you. What an idiot. I hope your weren't seriously hurt.

Rain23 said...
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Anonymous said...
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EDNurseasauras said...

Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

I understand your point of view, but what about the patients who are not, as you put it bullies, and assholes? My grandfather was in the emergency room, he was kind and patient and all the nurses treated him horribly. He was so scared to be left alone that he begged our family not to leave. What do you call that? My grandmother was in the a different hospital 15 years prior to that and we caught a nurse mistreating her. She wasn't even coherent. So what is the excuse you have for that? You say your patients are the bullies and assholes, yet your on here commenting, cursing and calling your patients names. As I see it your the bully. You are correct you chose this profession and you are here to provide a service. But these patients are in a scary situation, in a cold room with people they do not know, they are alone. As patients we should put ourselves in your shoes, but as nurses you should put yourself in ours. What was the reason for you choosing this profession? Was it to help people? You should revisit your reasoning, and then rethink if you still feel the same way. If not I would suggest you find a new profession.

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