Thursday, January 10, 2013

up your nose with a rubber hose

Reason # 58 not to come to the ER for your flu symptoms:

Other than sitting for hours in the waiting room, we will be doing a "flu swab".  That is, if we have any.  There is a shortage of flu swab culturettes.

So what is a flu test like?  You know when you accidentally get water up your knows, that kind of painful feeling?  That's kind of what getting a flu test is like.  The culturette is a long wire thing with a qtip type thing on the end.  We stick it into your nostril. It has to go in a ways to get the sample.  Its not fun.

So don't come if you don't want us cranking something up your nostril


Nurse Lily said...

And no, a nasal smear does NOT come with a meal tray! ;)

Tinyfeet28 said...

haha, my line is usually, "I am going to stick this up your nose and it'll feel like it's going into your brain." haha

Anonymous said...

Stay home! Idiots getting everyone else sick

Anonymous said...

I had one of these in 2009 when I was sick. That new flu strain was going around and I was rushed back to a room and swabbed. Turned out I only had a bad case of bronchitis.

Anonymous said...

Had one of these last night in ER. Felt like the nostril hairs were pulled. Not fun!