Monday, January 28, 2013


So I'm sitting flippin' through the channels.  I have nothing to do.  I'm old. Its really cold outside.  So sue me.
Anyway....I happen upon the Discovery channel.

Untold stories of the ER is on.   It is a show in which they "reinact" incidents in the ER.  Its a dumb show. End of story.  While I was on Discovery, there was an ad for NY ER.  Hmmmm...never heard of it.  So I tuned in later.

It is a "reality" show.  It is based at Presbyterian hospital in NYC. It follows certain ER staff around, doctors and nurses. As usual the doctors are the stars, the nurses secondary. Of course, it is one trauma after the other. People falling off buildings, jumping off buildings, getting hit by cabs.  Blah blah blah.  I worked in a trauma center and it isn't one case after another, its one, at the most a couple,  per shift.  But hey, what do I know, its NYC, maybe its one after another.

The doctors are all good looking. Apparently the bald headed ER doctors with a paunch were out.  I guess all the handsome ER docs choose to work in NYC, 'cause these guys look nothing like the docs I work with.  The nurses come off as too nice. Sounds funny, but give me a break.  You work in a NYC ER trauma center, you ain't this nice.

There were a couple of good scenes actually.  In one, a woman was appearing before a judge and "fainted". When she came in she was "unresponsive" until they tried to cath her. Then she became real responsive and stood up on the ER cart.  I actually had a patient stand up on his cart one time.

Another one I enjoyed.  LBP by ambulance.  This guy had been getting any dope he could "to treat his pain".
Whats the first thing the doc gave him? Morphine.  Now thats realistic... a junkie getting narcs. Later on he became an asshole because "the monitor kept ringing and I couldn't sleep".

Another woman who was in prison swallowed a couple of toothbrushes (is that talent or what?).  While she was there she swallowed a battery.

All and all?  A pretty good show.  Will I watch it again? No.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Love this blog! Favorite "tales from the ER" I've seen lately is a book called "Room Four" about 2 patients going through a crazy day in the ER, the veteran nurse and her nurse intern have the best dialogue in the book. Keep o up the blogging, it gets me through a shift :)