Tuesday, October 15, 2013

another fun day in the hood

The caliber of folk we get in the ER gets lower and lower. Witness: Women with 3 kids under 5, now pregnant with 4th kid comes in to be seen. It is late evening and kids are tired and what do kids do when they are tired? They rev up and start running around. Of course rocket scientist mom does nothing to stop them.

Family #2 also in to be seen. They have a couple of kids under 5 in same situation: tired, ramped up. The kids are whooping it up. Rocket scientist mom calls Family #2's kids motherf----ers.

Security is called before a fight breaks out. All is once again calm in the lobby. Another fun day in the hood..


Cindy Shirar said...

I know everyone's circumstances are different, but I'd be horrified to take any healthy kids to an ER...for fear of them picking something up. Good Lord.



Anonymous said...

Last night...the place is of 3 brings kids in at 2145 on a school night because kid #1 has a small canker sore on the back of her tongue that's been there for a week. In the waiting room, the kids were so bad I wanted to slap the mother.