Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jus' when you think you seen it all...

Yup. Seen it all..nope. Patient presents accompanied by their own home literally. I shit you not. My patient presents because everybody is against them and cruel to them and life ain't fair, etc etc etc. And my living situation has not worked out and NOWYOUHAVETOHELPME and SAVEME and GIVEMEABEDANDMEALS because EVERYBODYISOUTTOGETME.

Did I mention the patient came by ambulance? Did I mention that they came with all their worldly possessions? We are talking suitcases and boxes and animal paraphanalia and other assorted junk that is so much it has to be put out in the triage area along a wall and is probably 10 feet wide and five feet high worth of stuff. It could have fit in a small moving van.

Now I have seen people bring in some shit - especially those of the mental health persuasion - they pack a couple of suitcases, a 24 pack of diet pepsi..but this was one for the records books.

My question is: How did they fit it all in the ambulance? Never got a chance to ask. Was patient admitted? I dunno. I left before that happened.

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Anonymous said...

Positive luggage sign!