Friday, October 11, 2013

I'll meet you in the med room

What would nurses do without the med room? It is a place of refuge.

If you feel like you are going to lose it, you go to the med room. If you have to blow off steam you take a co worker into the med room and let er rip. You can gossip in the med room. You can make fun of patients in the med room. You can cry if you want to in the med room.

I talk to myself in the med room. I ask myself what I am doing in this God forsaken place? I call the patients idiots. I take a few deep breaths if a doc or coworker pissed me off.

Espescially in an ER, the med room is like the eye of a hurricane. It is a calm and peaceful place in the middle of a whirlwind. No docs, no techs, no management. The only people with reason to be in there are nurses. Its like our own secret clubhouse and it requires a secret code.

I for one, couldn't live without it.


Unknown said...

I tell ya from a tech perspective the shitter is the best place. No one will say a single word if you tell 'em "I was taking a deuce"

Something about claiming to, having to or taking a dump is sacred to those of us with this type of job.

Anonymous said...

Ah, in a law firm, that's the copy room!

Mark said...

ah...that explains it. Now i know what Nurse daisy and Nurse Teresa were saying about me when i left my bed unauthorized.

I wrote a 15 page paper about my experience...mostly positive and funny stuff. they saved my life and my Nurses had much to do with it...who do i send it to as i wish to enlighten many about my experience, and my nurses. a nurse teresa in particular

Anonymous said...

yup...if there's a huddle in the med room...something interesting is going down.