Friday, December 06, 2013

Its Christmas at the candy store

I've been working more lately.  Picking up shifts.  Son of Madness is in college.  Thus the sparse blog postings.

Why is it that working an 8 hour shift, especially a 7-3 seems to fly by?  I like it.

There is the usual tomfoolery going on in the ER like always. There are stomach bugs going around.  Of course the non-copers among us run to the ER at the first sign of nausea.  Like the guy who came in and cried and whined while 3 of us tried to get an IV in.  No success.  I mean seriously dude, if you are going to come in for a frickin' stomach virus this is what you are going to go shoulda stayed home.  You'll get no sympathy from us.

Here's a question for the ages: Why is the BLUE HELL do we have to put an IV in every Tom, Dick and Susie that comes in with one episode of womiting or a wittle tummy ache.  ODT Zofran was invented for a reason guys.  No one under the age of 60 should get an IV for a virus unless they have at least 10 underlying diseases.  Thank you.  And they certainly don't need Dilaudid for their tummy ache.  Are you frickin' kiddin' me?????

So as you probably already noted, its business as usual at the candy store. Only difference these days are the two pathetic Charlie Brown christmas trees in the lobby that are decked out in a "neutral holiday hospital approved" fashion of beige and tan. Real festive...
 How many bulbs do you think will be left on December 26th?  Fa la la.

Oh BTW RIP Mandella

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