Saturday, December 14, 2013

sex brought me to the ER

Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder, I see an advertisement for a new ER reality show: "Sex sent me to the ER" on a cable channel coming this month to a TV near you. No doubt this will be a real laughfest...

I've been in the ER a long time and I have, for the most part, missed out on sexual shenanigans that brought patients in, although I have heard stories from my co workers. Mostly along the line of somebody put something up their butt and they can't get it out and oh by the way, its still buzzing for everyone to hear.  People getting stuff stuck on their johnson and it has to be cut off.

Hearing these stories amuses us, but seriously ya heard one of these you heard 'em all.  Whatever. Mostly we just look at people in these situations as stupid.

This is brought to you by the same people who do the show "Untold stories of the ER".  They contacted me once and encouraged me to send in an unusual story.  The kicker is they want you to be on the show to be part of the story. thanks.  So I'm wondering will that be the case with this show?  Will the doc or nurse be on the show?

Lastly, what kind of person would agree to have their sex problem stories be told to the world at large? Morons, that's who.


Twigsnapper said...

ahh you judge people that are willing to talk about mishaps as morons. Shows your true character

girlvet said...

yup i'm evil how many times do i have to tell you morons that? dammit

Anonymous said...

The victim of mother natures feeling of lust will not personally be on the show, the nurse or doctor who witnessed the incident gets to laugh at the anonymous patient. Maybe the TV audience will laugh as well.

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