Tuesday, August 26, 2014

7 signs you shouldn't be at the emergency room...

If you say the following at triage, chances are, you shouldn't be here:

"I don't know if I should be here..."

"I feel silly being here..."

"I shouldn't be bothering you..."

"Do you have an urgent care?"

"Its probably nothing...."

"My mother, sister, aunt said I should come..."

"Do you think I should be seen?"

"How long is the wait?"

The end.


Eileen said...

In the UK at least about half of those statements are regularly used by the elderly - many of whom are there because of chest pain or weakness on one side or loss of vision. Who have had an MI, a CVA or something of similar severity.

My daughter is a paramedic - she hears them all the time from patients who definitely DO need to be calling 999 or getting to the ER somehow - more often than not it would be somehow because they can't bother the paramedics.

Mathi Bear said...

I agree with Eileen. Went in once with a 36 yr old friend who was having chest pain but figured it was probably something silly. It wasn't silly, and my friend had angioplasty done immediately. My friend didn't feel that bad, didn't want to bother anyone. It was late, there was some lady screaming loudly about how she couldn't breathe. We waited until they talked to her first. There was a drunk guy after us slurring his words and smelling like Cap'n Morgans' socks. I am still so glad we went in for 'nothing'.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I've been guilty of saying "I don't know if I should be here..." or apologizing for making a fuss, when in the ER. Thing is, I suck it up and can tolerate a LOT of pain or suffering before I think it might be an emergency. Every time I've gone in, it's been a serious emergency. Once, I had a stroke and was sorry for complaining about "feeling weird and falling a lot" but a friend dragged me in that time. I was lucky to only be in a wheelchair while I recovered over six months.

The quiet, stoic people are the ones to keep a close eyes on. Like the ones that come in for a headache and keel over in the waiting room with insulin shock.

Unknown said...

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