Monday, August 11, 2014

is this blog dead?

I think I'll just sit back on the couch and make my blog into a meme blog or a man candy blog.  It's just so much easier...bada bing.

I have become lax on the blog of late as far as blog entries go...its summer and the livin' is easy and all that.

Its also a kind of blah blah woof woof SSDD situation too.  I mean I have been at it so long that a lot of things aren't novel anymore, they're just boring.

So what now?  I have been doing this blog for about 7 1/2 years now. I have had 1,207,386 visits in that time.  I have outlasted people who I thought would be around forever: emergiblog, crass pollination, nurse ratched.  I guess they just have some kind of life and I don't....(rim shot)

So I'll keep at it for now, try to post more..we'll see what happens.


Karen Whiddon said...

Keep posting - I enjoy checking it every day!

Anonymous said...

Me too! It really hits home "tells it like it is". Enjoy it very much

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog very much. Discovered it within the last six months or so...have read much of your older posts in addition to following your new entries. I get that things run their course over time, but I'll be hoping you continue.


Cartoon Characters said...

nothing wrong with coming and going. I left for a year and a half, lost most of my readers, but now am's the hardcore people that come back to you. Anyway, I was diagnosed with melanoma July 4th this year and I started blogging again because of the experiences - a nurse going through the system. It's cathartic to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I really want to go to college for nursing in a few years, and I love your blog so much. Your witty sense of humor and the way you tell it like it is. I'm glad I won't be going to college with unrealistic expectations. XD

Hoffstot Lilli said...
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