Friday, August 29, 2014

Dear Mom...

Dear Mom:

You can stop talking now.  Yes this is your "child", but they are a grown adult, well into adulthood.
Stop talking for them.  They really CAN speak for themselves.

I hate to say this, but your are overbearing. Yes, your "child" has a chronic illness but it isn't anything thousands of others deal with everyday. They can go on with their lives with the help of medication.

I know that you had to advocate for them growing up. You had to be an expert.  That was your job BACK THEN but not now. Now they are responsible for themselves, but they sit their passively, letting you take over to speak for them.  They are used to you.  They don't have to do anything because you will do it for them.

What are you doing here anyway? They are perfectly capable of coming here all by themselves. They don't need their Mommy when they are over 30.

I know you have their best interest at heart. You worry, like all mothers do. Here's the thing: The best thing you could do is BACK OFF. Let them take care of themselves. You are disrespecting them by thinking you know best. You don't.


Madness the nurse


Anonymous said...

So true! Man-children and their moms! lol.

Anonymous said...

and oh yeah, tell your kid and his kids to move out of your basement- unhealthy situation

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