Tuesday, August 19, 2014

drug seeker fail

What is lower than being a failure as a drug seeker?

Lets set the scene:  You have a headache. Never had one before and IT IS SO BAD.  "I don't know what's wrong with me!!" (Cue look of alarm).  You had even gone to your doctor and were given a non narcotic prescription which you tried....but alas, you had what could only be described as an anaphylactic reaction that involved your throat closing up.  Did you seek help with your anaphylactic reaction at the nearest ER?  No you went home, drank a lot of fluids and it resolved on its own.  Wow..

Do you have any allergies?  Why of course you do and they are all to the medications that are a non-narcotic choice for pain.  Here's the thing: You have the same anaphylactic throat closing thing with all of them.  You tell me about 8 of them and state "I have more but I can't remember what they are"...

You are taken back to a room where you tell the NP that the headache may have resulted from the terrible fall you took at work (the plot thickens). By the way, you say, "I work in the medical field".  So you couldn't possibly be drug seeker/surely you'll be sympathetic because of that (the whole comraderie of medical workers thing)/I know what I'm talking about when it comes to this allergy idea.

Grade: FAIL

You really need to refine your presentation.    


jimbo26 said...

I love the anaphylactic reaction

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

LOL-too funny! Sounds like a real jerk.

Anonymous said...

I am not a regular reader, but happened on this entry. I have an interesting story for you and it's mine...I am allergic to aspirin (anaphylaxis - the whole 9 yards) and I have had migraines my entire life. I'm 44 and had my first at 2. I've been in ER's 6 or 7 times for migraines that won't quit, that leave me vomiting up imitrex as fast as I can swallow them and as I've had a lot of experience coping with them I can function briefly, converse and I do try to get to an ER quickly when I determine that things are going I've been treated like a drug seeker plenty. Sometimes treated overtly rudely, left for a verrrrry long time in a room while others around me get seen on slow nights for finger stitches, etc. Turns out I had an 8mm aneurysm in my left middle cerebral artery. Not a berry aneurysm, but a "Holy Shit" did someone drive you here? aneurysm that was only diagnosed because a pissy PA in and ER gave me an IV push of Imitrex instead of an intramuscular injection (hint - don't do that)and I wasn't right for a week and went to my family Dr who sent me for an MRI. My point is. Don't judge a book by it's headachy cover. I think I may have posted a comment similar about a previous post of yours long ago but the aneurysm thing happened a year ago and I had a stent placed in December. Since I now have to take Aspirin daily, I had to be desensitized to it at U of M hospital and if I ever miss a dose I will have to be desensitized again. Still allergic to aspirin and it's derivatives, but take 350mg daily. I understand you are trying to weed out bad apples, but all of them aren't bad.

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