Saturday, August 16, 2014


When you work in the ER, you see everybody from the drunk who passes out on a daily basis on the street to Mr. billionaire owner of an international corporation and everybody in between.  If they present at the triage desk or brought in by ambulance you have to deal with them.

So yeah, you're gonna to have to take that drunk that crapped his pants if you're up for next patient. You're probably gonna have to clean him up too.  And here's the thing, he will be here for hours because detox is full.

And you're also going to have to take Mr. VIP with his private duty nurse and hovering family who put the light on every 5 minutes because dad needs to be repositioned, needs a drink of water, has just one more question.  And don't you act impatient, because VIP daughter knows the hospital CEO and won't hesitate to call her.

Oh and that sex offender in bed 3, you're going to have to take him too even though you want to take a shower every time you exit the room.

The gangbanger who has been shot and isn't happy your trying to help him. He just wants to go and is using words even you who have been working in ER for years, have never heard.

Oh by the way, there is frequent flyer Francis who last time she was here and couldn't get narcs, through themselves on the floor and had to be carried out. 

Uh oh, there is Anna the allergy princess.  She has 75 allergies and many "chemical sensitivities".  She who has that darn abdominal pain that "nobody can figure out" despite a few exploratory laps.  Several doctors have "fired" her.

Last but not least for this shift: There is heroin addict Hortenz who has a nasty abscess on her arm from a contaminated needle. Oh, did I mention she has MRSA and is HIV+?  Sorry forgot....

Just another day in the ER....


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