Saturday, November 05, 2011

ER karma gonna get you

OK today was eerily quiet. (yes I said it, the Q WORD!!) There was a time when we actually had 4 patients in the main ER.

It was like the world had come to and end and we were the only people left alive. When it is like that it makes ER staff edgy. You know something bad is coming. If it doesn't come today, it will come tomorrow. Its inevitable. It is ER karma. It is the universe balancing itself. Whatever. We will pay the price for this respite and we will pay for it big.

Because of this, I am dreading work tomorrow. Sundays are predictable. Get rid of the drunks sleeping it off from the night before. Then comes the LOLs falling out in church, goes on to daughter/son bringing elderly mom/dad in because its the weekend and thats when they see them. Then there are the lets go to the ER before the football game is on crowd. Then as afternoon turns to evening, its the I really don't feel good, I better go to ER before I have to go to work tomorrow crowd. Sunday nights are inevitably busy.

I can't wait.


jayb123x said...

The best quiet day in the ER, though rare, is the one when I am off the next day.

Kristina T. said...

Or the my back has been hurting for 2 years and I decided to go to the ER TODAY kinda people with no PCP.....on a Sunday night at like 7:00pm, and is magically allergic to Ultram after the dr wrote the prescription for it and refused a toradol shot..