Friday, November 11, 2011

today's triage facts and figures

Highest number of people waiting in the lobby to get in today: 22

Highest number of people in line at the triage window at one time: 10

Highest number of people in the ER at one time today: 52

Longest length of time someone waited: 3 hours

Most members of one family triaged today: 3

Longest time someone had a symptom they were being seen for: 2 years

Shortest time someone had a symptom they were being seen for: 1/2 hour

Percentage of people who didn't really need to be there: 90%

Dumbest reason to come to the ER: "I want to be seen for an std, I have no symptoms but something doesn't feel right".

Smartest reason to come to ER today: severe chest pain for 3 days

Amount of time left in the shift when I got dinner: 1 hour

Amount of times I felt like running screaming from the ER while working in triage: 12 - at least twice an hour


jayb123x said...

Great list. I am a triage RN at a busy ER North of Houston. I keep random stats in my head on a daily basis also. I had a mom sign in her 6 kids today (ages 8mos - 7yrs).

Anonymous said...

Lol omg! I feel like you work at my hospital! I love your posts, it's nice to know we're not alone.

Linda said...

I'm new to ED but a dinosaur in nursing. The scary thing is I find I really like triage and I can't figure out what's wrong with me :) Maybe it's still so new that I haven't seen it all six thousand times yet, or is it that I only have to put up with the dramatic crying for ten minutes and then I'm done with them?

Love your blog and look forward to reading it each morning...sometimes I swear we work in the same ER!

Meghan said...

Ugh, that gives me anxiety just thinking about it. I hate triage. But I'm good at it, and not a complete a*hole to the patients. So they keep putting me out there. dammit.

Anonymous said...

Smartest reason to come to ER today: severe chest pain for 3 days

not really, Smartest would have been Severe cheat pain for 15 Minutes, as it is whatever muscle is gonna be lost is lost

Skater, RN said...

Drug seeker award from triage yesterday goes to Mr Back Pain who ran out of his fentanyl patches & percocet.

He left the ER unhappy & without narcotics.

Anonymous said...

er nurse from toronto area,- someone signed in to the er at 2am because they had gained weight!!!!

NurseER said...

I very much dislike working triage. The other day I had a lady with two previously broken legs and bruising all over her face (positive racoon's eyes and positive battle's sign). Her husband got upset with me because I was not addressing her nausea but was addressing her possible head trauma!