Friday, November 18, 2011

I become a sniper

Okay, this is the last straw. It seems that my ER has plans to eventually have a billboard with time to see a doctor like you see in other states. Apparently there will be some kind of link to this billboard from triage.

Here's my response: Once it goes into place, I plan to keep people in the lobby as long as I can. Unless you are dying you ain't going back. Its either that or I get a rifle and take out the sign..

Interesting thing about this picture: apparently there are some ER wait times that you can't trust. Some people be lyin' and shit.


Anonymous said...

I live in Henrico and fortunately have never had to visit the ER. But the thing that would put me off the Doctor's Hospital is the giant floodlight they have shining into the sky at night. You have to wonder what type of patients they are trying to attract.


Anonymous said...

Oh, amen sister. I would not be toleratin' that foolishness. Although if you could get it to say the wait was 6 hours, people might take their bidness elsewhere....We're not allowed to tell people they should go somewhere else to get seen faster - that's an EMTALA violation so how is that whole billboard not an EMTALA violation?

Anonymous said...

I bet admin will never allow it to say "6 hours.". See where the numbers can change (all 2 digits) but "minutes" is paint, not light board?

That sign is designed by people who a) are fools b)expect to lie, or c) don't care when people complain thst the sign was wrong. I'll go with d- all of the above.

Not an awful idea, if there was a way to make it true.

girlvet said...

Flood lights? Wow that is amazing.

Peter said...

Who is the genius that decided that emergency rooms are like fast food? Do they think people are driving around "shopping" for an ER like they do for shoes?
This only demonstrates that most ER visits are not for true emergencies.

hoodnurse said...

Obviously, if you're concerned with the wait time, you can probably get seen somewhere that's not the ER.

Anonymous said...

OMG I drive by that actual sign every day on my way to work and try to correlate it to how busy I am in my retail pharmacy. It works because Henrico Doctors is in a relatively affluent suburb of Richmond,VA, and I'm sure the sign attracts people who actually pay for their care. The Medicaid/indigent go downtown to the medical college ER.