Thursday, November 24, 2011

grandma got run over by a reindeer

Well, I hope she didn't, its a little too early for that. No doubt grandmas and grandpas galore were brought in by sons and daughters to be checked out today as they are every holiday. Its the time when families spend the most time with the elderly: on the holiday. Thats when they notice grandma sure is more confused, grandpa can't walk like he used to. Off they go, over the road and through the woods to the ER.

Or maybe grandpa and grandma really can't live on their own anymore. Family doesn't know what to do. When any situation arises where you don't know what to do, dash through the snow on a one horse open sleigh to the ER. They'll know what to do..oh yeah. We may have to put grandma or grandma away in a manger if there is no room at the inn, like what happened with you know who...but that turned out ok.

So bring all ye elderly, yea bring them to your local ER breathern. We will give them a warm blanket and footies, a box lunch. We will sing joy to the world and we will hark the herald when angels sing. We will rock with them around the politically correct christmas tree, deck the halls, and then hope for a silent night. Amen

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