Thursday, March 20, 2014

a thousand times why

1) Why does the IV pump always go off as soon as you leave the room?

2) Why does a critical patient come in 15 minutes before the end of your shift when you are the stab nurse?

3) Why does your replacement have car trouble when you have had the shift from hell?

4) Why does your least favorite frequent flyer show up in the middle of a chaotic shift?

5) Why do relatives/friends like to stand in the doorway and watch the nurses at the desk?

6) Why when your patient just had a massive stool has the rest of the staff suddenly disappeared?

7) Why when you finally got a chance to go get a pop, does the machine keep your money and give you nothing? &#*$((@!

8) Why does the manager come along when you are texting someone at home?

9) Why do the medics "forget" to call in when we have no beds and there are people in the halls?

10) Why do people somehow get their relative into the car, but need us to take them out when they get to ER?

11) Why does the train wreck from podunk that is a direct admit to ICU, crash enroute and have to come to the ER?

12) Why does the nurse from Dr Jahosafats office want to give us a "heads up"  about one of their patients coming in when there are 10 people  at the triage window?

13) Why are we always out of what the gnarly ENT  doc needs for that bad nosebleed in room 6?

14) Why when I finally get a chance to pee, the bathrooms are always being used? #&%)@)!

15) Why didn't I leave this job years ago?


Anonymous said...

Why oh why do the powers to be add one more time wasting task to my plate every 3 months?

girlvet said...

only one more?????

Anonymous said...

#15-yeah, why didn't you?