Friday, March 14, 2014

the 300,000 dollar raise

Here's an interesting factoid:

The CEO of the corporation that I work for makes about 2.5 million a year as of 2012. In 2011 he made about 2.2 million.  Then come 2012 he got a raise of 12%., about 300,000 a year.  Lets see, that about 25,000 dollars a month.  That 1250 dollars a day or 156 more dollars an hour.

In 2012 I got a 2 percent raise.  Thats about 80 cents an hour.  About 96 dollars a month. (I work 60 hours every 2 weeks.  That is 1,246 dollars a year.

So lets sum that up


Mr. CEO - 300,000 dollar raise for the year (156 dollars an hour)

Madness the nurse -  1,246 dollar raise for the year (.80 cents an hour)

I don't do what the CEO does. I am not responsible for a complex corporate system.  I am not answerable to a board. I don't have to worry about the corporation staying afloat.  That must be very stressful.  I don't expect to be compensated in the same way.

But heres the thing: If I make a mistake, you die.  If I don't pay attention, you go down the toilet. The environment I work in, although a very different place, is very, very stressful.  I deal with everybody from a junkie prostitute to Mr CEO's pals. I am the backbone of the corporation.

I can hear you all saying, hey Madness, you could have gone into health care administration, you could have been in administration.  True that.  I didn't chose to.  Its not my thing.  My point is: Does the CEO deserve a 300,000 dollar raise in one year?  No.


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Absolutely not! I agree 100% with your implied train of thought. I am an RN who has worked 28 of my 33 yrs. in the same hospital. Eight of those years were in the ER. No one, but another RN who has experienced this position, can appreciate the amount of responsibility on your shoulders. I had some of my worst hours in the ER. you give of yourself as required, not enough time in between shifts and days off to recharge yourself and in the end no one cares nor will anyone ever be able to give you back the peace, the sanity or the chunk of you that was left in that ER. NURSES SALERIES IN TEXAS HAVE STAGNATED OVER THE LAST 10 YEARS WHILE ADMINISTRATOR SALERIES HAVE QUADRUPLED. Nurses routinely were able to get 3-10% salarie increases. That changed about 15 yrs ago. I am on my way out of this profession because it has taken more out of me than is healthy. I am in control of my decisions so i will not let this profession take any more of me. Peace.

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But you DO have to answer to a board!